Carrier Portals and Sponsorship

Portals and Sponsorship

Avoid accidental adverse risk selection

At no cost, eHealthApp will set up a “Carrier” Portal for any entity that receives personal health questionnaires for quote requests and underwriting such as…

 Carriers, TPAs, General Agencies, PEOs, Captives and more

Don't be left out. Get on board with eHealthApp today at no cost.

eHealthApp can have your portal up and running within 1 business day so that you can start receiving quote requests.

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Then become a Sponsor!

Provide value to your brokers

Provide your brokers with a valuable software that maintains their established identity with group clients.

Help brokers increase their operational efficiencies by collecting PHQs with eHeallthApp’s competitive and highly capable technology.

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Avoid accidental adverse risk selection

Due to our single application approach, the health data underwriters receives does not run the risk of being accidentally adversely selected against.

The more you assess risk and quote off eHealthApp applications, the better your loss ratios are likely to be because we do not introduce error with field mapping answers to health questions from our software to specific carrier applications.

Some entities have found that groups have better loss ratios when they come 

Add incentive to quote and enroll with you

We will remove the PEPM fees from the brokers’ invoices for their groups enrolled with your entity, at no additional cost to you.

Increase quote requests

We will make you visible and available to all broker for accepting quotes, or on an agency by agency basis.

eHealthApp will announce our new partnership in our newsletter to brokers.

Included in the Sponsorship

  • Branded web page for broker onboarding
  • Unlimited brokers
  • Unlimited groups for each broker
  • Unlimited training and support for your staff
  • Unlimited training and support for brokers and their staff
  • Your sponsored brokers can only use the applications with you unless the brokers upgrade with eHealthApp
  • Upgraded brokers benefit from your sponsorship – eHealthApp will remove any PEPM fees from the brokers for groups enrolled with you at no additional cost
  • Optional: Host private demonstration(s) of eHealthApp for your brokers

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