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SHARED Underwriting

eHealthApp understands the challenges carriers face when underwriting group health insurance. Underwriting inaccurately creates significant issues including denied claims, lost sales opportunities, financial strain, poor customer service along with negative public perceptions. eHealthApp’s method of collecting health information follows the SHARED approach described below to everyone’s benefit.

Underwriters require accurate and complete information to provide fair and appropriate rates for the carrier’s products. The SHARED approach is the best approach to gathering information for quality underwriting. eHealthApp is the only solution in the marketplace that follows the SHARED approach.


Employees are guided step-by-step through the process of completing their health application. Using a straight-forward presentation of questions combined with automated reminders, eHealthApp ensures applicants complete their health application with minimal broker assistance.

How others fail?

Others are not so easy. The health questions are not asked on the application and completed applications are presented with different questions. Lack of guidance through the process results in brokers spending more time and focus on completing applications, regardless of accuracy.


Each applicant uses a secure, personal account to complete their own health application. Brokers or groups submit the exact same applications via eHealthApp, securely and directly to carriers.

How others fail?

Others allow application completion by unknown individuals on the employee’s behalf. Dishonest brokers can selectively share health information across carriers and tamper or change the PDF application to undetectably remove health conditions.


eHealthApp retains all digitally signed documents. Upon request of a participating carrier, eHealthApp will investigate potentially fraudulent activity free of charge without notifying the broker or the group.

How others fail?

Others do not have or offer this service; yet create the illusion of auditability by attaching numbers and characters to the “digital signature” which cannot be authenticated.


Groups updating prior applications follow a broker-initiated process that removes all “No” answers to health questions, every applicant’s weight, and every minor dependent’s height. Each page of the online application includes validations to ensure vital data is collected. Signing the completed PDF application requires the applicant to review every online page and the completed PDF before signing.

How others fail?

Others allow applicants to sign completed PDF applications without effective review and revalidation of data, simultaneously on a document that may exceed 100 pages.


All health questions are asked verbatim and answers must pass validation rules. Answers appear on a single PDF health application signed by the applicant. Potential for misunderstanding is minimized.

How others fail?

Others passively accept stated health conditions without explicitly asking about specific health conditions that appear on the health application.


Every health question begins by requiring applicants to directly answer “Yes” or “No” to the specific health conditions on the application. For every “Yes” answer, additional details about the condition must be provided, including information about any prescriptions taken for the condition.

How others fail?

Others make assumptions about answers and map the result to questions on various applications. Remaining health questions are defaulted to “No” on the health application.

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