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The Fundamentals

Custom Email Templates*

*Only available with the Starter package or on the Essentials plan and higher

Create a Broker Admin Account

Create an Agent

Agents are not log in accounts.

The Agent capability is used to keep track of whose groups are whose.

The Collection Process

#1 - Create a Group

Use the manual’s table of contents as a helpful checklist or dive deeper into each instruction.

#2 - Upload Employees

Use our help guide along with our Applicant Import File to mass upload employees.

#3 - Download Health Census Analytics Workbook*

Don’t forget the most CRITICAL step in the collection process – Be a Best Fit Broker.  

Download the Health Census Analytics Workbook in order to easily and effectively implement any risk mitigation and management tactics prior to requesting quotes.

Request eHealthApp’s Best Fit Broker Playbook (coming soon!) for  strategic and effective risk mitigation and management tactics.

* Only available on the Essentials Plan and higher

#4 - Submit for Underwriting and Quotes

The Specifics

Working with Native Spanish Speakers?

Add our UPDATED Spanish snippet to the Custom Home Page…

Para traducir a español en linea, seleciona “Select Language” arriba en el menú, se desplazará la lista de idiomas escoje “Spanish”. Todas las palabras serán traducidas en español para tu conveniencia. Por favor, intenta contestar en inglés si te es posible. ¡Gracias!

Translates to: To translate this online experience into Spanish, choose the Google Translator “Select Language” dropdown menu above, and then select “Spanish” from the list of options. All words will be translated into Spanish for your convenience; however, please make sure to answer all questions in English to the best of your ability. Thank you!

Assign a bilingual email template set to the group…

eHealthApp provides default email templates that include the message in both Spanish and English.

Need other languages and flexibility?  With Custom Email Templates, create your own emails in other languages and/or customize your messages to employees.

Change the Language

Applicants and admins have the ability to change the language of their eHealthApp experience using the Google Translate capability. This also means applicants can go through the application in their native language.

Update Employee Email

Use the instructions for either of the two scenarios below:

#1 – Updating an employee who has an existing email associated with their account

#2 – Entering an email for an employee that does not already have an email associated with their account

Reset an Employee's Password

Use the instructions for either of the two scenarios below:

#1 – Resetting a password for an employee who has an existing email associated with their account

#2 – Resetting a password for an employee that does not have an email associated with their account

Employees without Emails or Computers

We strongly recommend having the employees complete the online application. For employees, this is easier than a paper form because the online app makes it obvious what is required so nothing is accidentally missed. For the broker, this is ideal as the data is collected in the health census, which streamlines the quoting process.

Those with no email address:
Use our Applicant Login Guide to provide the employees with their login information. You may need to reset the employee’s password if you don’t have record of the initial password used to create the applicant accounts.

Those with no access to computer:
Most smart devices (smart phones, tablets, etc.) can be used to complete the health application – turning the device horizontal provides the best experience. Whether they log in via an email link or the login guide above, this option has become more common among eHealthApp users.

If a paper form is the only option, please reach out to for a copy of the health application with the appropriate legal addendums.

Not finding what you need?

Reach out to

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