How eHealthApp works for Brokers

How eHealthApp works for Brokers

eHealthApp's competitive capabilities help brokers produce a competitive edge so that
Brokers are better equipped to win and retain business

Agency-Brand Portal

It all starts with the agency-branded portal to establish and maintain your firm’s identity …

… even on a Sponsored plan.

Establish your agency’s identity even more by adding on eHealthApp’s:


Identity Package

White-label your portal’s URL

URL portal is configured to run your domain

Custom built theme

Customize portals color scheme and button style


… so it looks and feels like an extension of your website!

Easily and quickly collect Personal Health Questionnaires (PHQs)

Clone and Go

Seasoned eHealthApp brokers can create a group, upload the employees and launch the collection process in less than 90 seconds!

Brokers have been able to collect PHQs within 48 hours on groups with 20+ lives with our unique process.

Cloning groups into existence

Every portal comes with at least one template group.  An unlimited amount template groups can be created for specific producers, account managers, geographic regions, etc.

Clone new groups into existence from a template, and all preconfigured settings  –  Custom Home Page, a test user, assigned agent, Custom Email Template set, and more  –  will be copied over.

The new group can be even more fine-tuned on a group by group basis.

Easily create each employees’ individual accounts by uploading the employee roaster with the file import capability.

eHealthApp’s approach to collecting PHQs is different and superior to our competitors

Instead of sending out a link to HR or the owner and allowing employees to self register …

… brokers gather email addresses upfront, create all the employees accounts, and launch the email campaign …

… making the collection process much faster, smoother, efficient and effective 

 … due to the daily email reminders, Custom Home Page and the ability to monitor each employee’s progress.

eHealthApp offers the self-registration approach; however we strongly suggeset against it.

Daily Email Reminders

Setting the Application Due Date feature launches the Welcome emails to all employees.

Subsequent daily email reminders are sent each morning to all employees who are not complete with filling out and signing their person health questionnaire.

Custom Email Templates

Email Template sets are completely customizable!

  • Set emails to be sent from one or more of your agency’s email addresses 
  •  Email content is complete customizable
  • Include videos and links in your emails
  • Unlimited amount of custom email templates enables brokers to create different sets for specific producers, groups, or account managers

Benefits of Custom Email Templates:

  • Reduces likelihood of employees thinking the emails are spam or phishing attacks
  • Bounces and out-of-office notifications are sent to agency’s email sender, so you know when emails need to be updated

* Bilingual (English / Spanish) email templates are available, including on Sponsored plans. *

The Magic Link

When an employee clicks the link in the email reminders, their login information is automatically populated on sign in page.  

All they have to do is push the login button – helping minimize coordinations over lost and forgotten login credentials.

Custom Home Page

A Custom Home Page – similar to landing page – is the first thing and employee sees when they log in.

Every portal has a standard, pre-built custom home page that brokers can complete customize for each group.

Some brokers use the Custom Home Page to cross-market supplemental offers.

Fully Multilingual

Using our integrated Google Translate technology, all portals are fully multilingual with 100+ languages

... even the personal health questionnaire!

Bilingual (English / Spanish) email templates are available across all plans.

Monitor Health Application Progress
  • Track the status of each employee with the “Application Status” column
  • Know the last time an employee logged in with the “Last Modified” column

The Single Application Approach

Do you like when your clients claims are denied?

Of course not!

And, neither do we…

The Single Application Approach leads to more transparency than our competitors.

Because eHealthApp operates off a single application that is universally accepted, many of our partner entities will provide firm and final rates with the first quote, so brokers do not need to return to the group to have them fill out additional forms or applications

To everyone’s benefit (broker, employee, employer, carrier, underwriter) the Single Application Approach ensures transparency because the questions that are asked of the employees are the exact same as the answered questions seen by the underwriters.

What do eHealthApp's competitors do?

A common approach of our competitors is to ask their own questions and then field map to carrier specific applications.  This leads to errors since not all the questions are worded exactly the same across carrier specific applications.

What this means is that underwriters are underwriting a slightly different risk version of the same group.  One employee’s condition could be revealed to one carrier and not the other, leading to accidental adverse risk selection.  A common result of this approach is failure to disclose issues, at the expense of the employees.  

Unfortunately, we at eHealthApp hear these stories all the time.

Be the Best Fit Broker for your clients

Since the broker knows all quotes were underwritten off the exact same health information, they are in a position of power when it comes to assessing and negotiating quotes. For example, if any entity’s quote is an outlier, the broker can find out why.

An eHealthApp broker had a group that received a decline to quote from all carriers except for one.  Instead of blindly accepting the good news, the broker was able to find out the declines were due to the health risk of one person with a very expensive drug prescription. One TPA, however, found a substitute drug option that made it cost effective to offer a health underwritten level-funded plan.

If the winning carrier is accidentally being adversely selected against because a condition was not revealed, they could miss-price a quote. Best case scenario is an unexpectedly large renewal. Worst case scenario is a claim denied due to a failure-to-disclosure.  In either case these are rather unwelcome surprises to the employees, employer, broker, and carrier.

Mitigating the number of surprises your client encounters with their healthcare is part of the value a Best Fit Broker provides.  Establish an identity of being a trusted broker that will always find the best fit for their clients.

Analytics and Being a Best Fit Broker

Risk mitigation is not an annual event
Health Analytics Workbook

eHealthApp automatically produces a Health Census Analytics excel workbook with various charts and reports.

The combination of the Single Application Approach with eHealthApp’s analytic capabilities helps prevent surprises and protect the agency’s good name.

Tracking groups’ health throughout the year provides more value to clients, because…

#1 – Brokers can get ahead of renewals to let group clients know what is coming so the owners can prepare accordingly

#2 – If a group is on a fully-insured plan, brokers can take the group out to quote mid-year for a level-funded plan the moment the health becomes more manageable

High-level De-identified Chart

This chart is one of the analytics in eHealthApp’s Health Census Workbook report.

Use the high level de-identified chart to explain to group clients why quotes are what they are and why the proposed health plan and carrier is the best fit for them.

Health Analytics History

Each night at midnight, eHealthApp runs a report to see if the health of the group has changed.

When the health of the group has changed.  The system will save off a copy of the Health Census Analytics excel workbook.  Easily add notes about the changes in the group and what to look for in the future.

Submitting for Quotes

Glorified secure email

Submitting quote requests within eHealthApp is quick, easy and secure!

Once all the PHQs have been collected, simply submit them to all the desired entities (carriers, TPAs, general agencies, PEOs, etc.) at one time by selecting off the names.

Each entity – Carrier, TPA, GA, PEO, etc. – has their own dedicated “Carrier” portal, so there is no need to download and send applications via encrypted email.  Brokers have the ability to attach other documents like paper applications, claims data and more when submitting to underwriting entities.

By submitting through eHealthApp, brokers are able to see when the receiving entities have downloaded the quoting package and by whom.

Working and quoting with Sponsors

When a group is enrolled with one of eHealthApp’s sponsoring entities, the PEPMs will be waived from your invoice or not counted towards the first 150 applicants.

Don't see the entity you would like to submit applications to?

Click here to send a note to support! 

The desired entity may already be on eHealthApp and we can quickly make them available to you.

If the entity is not on eHealthApp, we will invite them to join at no cost to them or you!  Help make the introduction and we will take it from there, or invite them to sign up for their free portal here:

Many entities are more than willing to get on board with eHealthApp for access to the Health Census Analytics report, which makes their job much easier.

See an entity you are not familiar with and want to quote with?

Click here to send a note to support! 

We at eHealthApp are more than happy to introduce you to any entity you would like.

Our carrier approach helps brokers be a Best Fit Broker.

Quoting across different entities working off a single application results in reduced costs for everyone involved while providing better customer service for groups – multiple options to find the best fit for clients with quicker turn around times and lowered risk of failure-to-disclose issues.

Want to see it in action?

We would love to show you!

Ready to start?

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